Welcome to Sugarbush Nursery! We are a small, family-owned nursery located just south of Reading, PA, specializing in native plants for residential landscapes, schools, municipalities and parks. We also offer organic vegetable and herb transplants, organic, non-GMO seeds, and a full range of organic gardening products. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will help you create a living landscape. Stop by soon!


Inspiration for a new season

13 Mar 2015
I had the extraordinary pleasure of hearing Doug Tallamy speak this morning at the Home Gardeners School, sponsored by the Berks Hort Club and Master Gardeners of Berks County. While I've heard him talk before, and know the gist of his presentation well, I still got chills - and it wasn't from the dreary day outside. This is a person who sees the big picture of how the plants in our landscape have a cascading effect up and through the entire food web, starting with insects an...

New Growth

31 Mar 2014
As your gardens, just under the surface, are teaming with new energy, so are we at Sugarbush. This year our energetic staff is a great mix of passion, knowledge, and experience. The new staff will still greet you with the same friendly and helpful approach you are accustomed to receiving. Please welcome our new faces joining Anne-Marie this year. Barb, Carlo, Dasha and Diona come from varying backgrounds of gardening experiences, along with sales and marketing knowledge. A...

Welcome, 2014!

06 Mar 2014
Yes, I understand that 2014 actually started two months ago. But gardeners know that 2014 will actually begin as soon as we can get a shovel into the ground - wherever the ground may be hiding under all of this snow! This is when all of the plans we've been making over our fireside books will finally be realized. Jotted down first on scrap paper, then slowly taking shape on graph paper (for those of us who are really organized), our garden dreams will enter the real world, an...

The Sweet Smell of Summer

30 Jul 2013
Oh, how the gardens are alive with butterflies this time of year!  Finally, in the past two weeks, we are seeing so many fluttering around the nursery searching for nectar.  And lucky for us, it’s a living lab.  We get to watch and see which plant the butterflies love the most.  Butterfly plants are the most commonly requested at the nursery.  And I hear so many people say the same thing…I get hoards of butterflies on my Butterfly Bush.  Butterfl...


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